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Date:2005-04-05 23:56
Subject:A short word
Mood: bored

I just wanted to say that I fine. I'm still on the Hospital Wing. Not that I have something serious, just a few burns, but I think Madam Pomfrey wants to protect me against myself.
On the question why I didn't post earlier I don't have a good answer. I just didn't felt like it. I felt just lousy. Having a duel with Nott AGAIN...

I'm having nightmares about what happened during the duel. I'm not proud of it. Sometimes I just wish that this duel whiped out my memory again. Ignorance feels great.

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Date:2005-02-09 12:10
Subject:Back in the common room
Mood: busy

I'm back again, finally. But now I really have to catch up with all my subjects. I hope someone would help me with that, because I have know idea what we supposed to do.

Also I have to repot my mandrakes in the greenhouse. Last time some girl helped...I thought it was Caelan, but I don't know for sure... Maybe I could ask her to help.

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Date:2005-02-03 13:34
Mood: confused

I'm so confused... I'm sitting in a bed right now, it isn't a very comfortable. Next to me there are more beds. One off them is occupied by a boy, but I can't see who it is. Even if I could I probably woulndn't heve recongized him.

I just can't remember anything before waking up here. I've been told this is the Hospital Wing and I see I'm covered with bandages, but no one will tell me what happened, who they are and where I am. Every time I ask them who they are they run away. Even that beautiful girl that was were when I woke up. I remember that she play'd I many of my nightmares, but she was always the nice part of it.

I must have done something very mean and people must hate me if the run of like that... I probably my fault I'm here and may be I'm also responsible for that boy. i feel so miserable...

I think I will run away this night, so that I no longer trouble one...

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Date:2005-01-25 00:14
Mood: happy


I'm kind of nervous about tomorrow. I really hope I won't do anything wrong though... and should I bring her something? I never had a girlfriend before. Or is it too soon to call her my girlfriend? Should I join her at her table? Or let her join me? Or should we just stay at our own? Hmm... we could go outside. But no, it's too wet there. I don't know...

Maybe it's the best to wait and see what happens. I... really like her. A lot.

Does she like chocolate?

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Date:2005-01-19 23:57
Subject:Nott you again!
Mood: jealous


I haven't seen Caelan all day. And I keep hearing rumours about cousin Theo... Zach's talking about it, Kara is... I can't believe it. He's a Slytherin for Merlin's sake! And Caelan is a Gryffindor! She shouldn't even look at him twice.
Why? Why am I in love with the same girl as my cousin? I mean, after everything he did to me... He just can't have Caelan.

I bet he figured out I like her. So that's his new way to get to me, isn't it? Oh Nott, you've really gone too far! This is low, man. I... I won't let you do that to both Caelan and me. I'm not afraid of you anymore! I'll even tell professor Dumbledore you destroyed my project if needed. Because I know it was you, Theo...

I really hope the new mandrakes get here by tomorrow. Caelan promised me to help me set up the new project. Maybe that's my chance...

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Date:2005-01-18 23:26
Subject:*sweet sigh*
Mood: In love

I think I'm in love.

Yeah. After the Greenhouse disaster, I collapsed and there she was. My own sweet angel. *sigh*
We have so much in common! Too bad she had to go and find her brother, but she gave me the sweetest smile. Oh, and she promised to help me build up my project again. My stomach is feeling really weird, I lost my appatite and my head feels so light and ... strange. I've never felt like this before.

*hides his diary under his pillow*

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Date:2005-01-13 15:50
Mood: content

I'm glad I'm back at Hogwarts. I've had the most terrible Christmas holidays ever. My dad, who is a pilot (he flies this huge muggle transportation device) had to work every single day, because some idiot colleague was arrested. Which kind of moron tries to fly a plane while he's drunk? Anyway, my mum was at The International Confederation of Squibs, which was held in Germany this year.

So I got stuck at home with my older brother Levi, who is more like a troll than what's in my Defense Against the Dark Arts books. Apart from the fact that he's jealous about my magical abilities, he's also incredibly stupid. Like I'm interested in which muggle 'chick' dates which of his moron friends. And he keeps hiding my books and other belongings, only to see me performing Summoning Charms. And he knows I'm not allowed to use magic until my next birthday. Thank Merlin mum had some time to drop me off early in Hogsmeade.

It's still very quiet around the castle. Most students are still with their families. I think it's great! None of my Slytherin cousins are around, so they won't hex me for a while. And I finally have some time left for some light reading. Extinction of The Minotaur is certainly a fascinating book.

Well, I'll leave it for now... I still need to go to the library before closing time.

signed, Folkor

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